Sunday, 16 March 2008

OS outdoors show '08

Another early start to get to the Outdoors show, although this time my paranoia in missing connections meant I ended up spending an hour hanging around Euston.

Once on the train it was just over an hour before arriving at Birmingham International and the NEC.

Probably because it was the Saturday there seem to a lot more people going in, even at 9:15.

This was to prove the case as the place was heaving by mid-afternoon.

The first person I bumped into was BG! at the Alpkit stand.

As usual these seems to a lack of genuine backpacking equipment but there were the usual mixed bag of high-end equipment (sat-nav's, digital mapping) to the lower end stuff from people like Regetta and Yeomans.

I did have a play with the pacer poles and although they did seems to work and feel different I`m not sure I would pay the price for a set of poles, I think I`ll stick to my Leki's. On the subject of Leki's I couldn't find one place selling a rubber tip for a pole.

Next up I bump into John, Who even at the early time was looking a bit stressed with his work on the E-petition work, so we when a had a coffee and some discussion on wild camping.

There seems to a lot more talks and shows going on this year, although I seemed to miss most of them but I did catch one from the OS on map reading.

Next up I meet a marauding Scotsman (no NOT Duncan!) but this chap.

I can't remember from last year show but this year there did seem to a lot more stands promoting tourism.

Now on to the second highlight of the show; The UK Outdoors Bloggers Meet 2008. This year was a much bigger gathering, so big in fact that the Pub was made bigger to accommodate us.

Among the attendees this year were Phreerunner & Nallo Lady (Martin & Sue), AktoMan (Duncan), Mick & Gayle, Doodlecat, (Phil), Alan Solman, Sally in Norfolk, Geoff Jones, Bob & Rose, and the usual suspects of Andy Howell, Weird Darren, and John Hee.

I managed to have a chat with everyone, except Bob & Rose. I think I spend to much time talking to AktoMan ( I hope I didn't bore him). I also did a piece for Andy but I`m not to sure how it will turn out, there was a lot of noise from the PA and it was quite difficult to think and hear the questions.

The highlight of the show was getting to hear (Inset your own joke here) Brian Blessed, for a 71 year old man, he has so much passion for the outdoors and everything. His latest venture is to become a Cosmonaut and go to the International Space Station.

Next up was a meeting for the wild camping E-Petition and where to go with it and how to take it to the next step. There were some good ideas and plans which will start in the next few weeks.

Overall the show was O.K. The social side was great as usual. There wasn't a great deal of equipment that I was interested in buying although I did buy one item (more later).

There seems to be a lot of activities for children; the ice axe climbing wall, the climbing wall, the high ropes experience in hall 1.

Although I was there from 9:30 until 4:30 the time went very quickly and I didn't get to see everything.

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  1. Nah - that wasn't stress. Just trying to remeber where I'd parked the get away car. Oops wrong gig

    Glad you mnaged to get to BB in the end