Saturday, 17 March 2007

The OS Outdoors Show

This was my first trip to the OS outdoors show and to be honest probably my last.

It was a really long day for me; a 5am started and not home until 9pm and it seemed a lot of effort for little return.

I know that the outdoors encompasses a lot of different activities, cycling, caving, kayaking, paragliding to name but a few and these all seem to have representatives there, but there was a lack of smaller well known brands.

I was hoping to see some of the new GoLite packs and shoes, but there was nothing from them, now surely if you are looking to launch a new range of equipment, a show like this is ideal.

Surely if shewee can have a stand GoLite could.

There were some of the small independent retailers Alpkit show their new Filium smock which I quite liked and the new bivvy bag, which was in shocking pink!!

For me, the biggest event was the UOBC2007, getting to meet in the flesh Darren, John, Stef AKA BG!,Chris ,Dave,and Andy.

Cameron and Paddy Dillon also turned up.

I was due to do an interview with Andy; which I did but I was also accosted by Cameron and did a piece with him (whether these two appear I don't know, I don't think I have the voice for podcasts :-) ).

Cameron interviews Paddy

I had a quick chat with Darren, Dave and Stef but only really got to say hello to John and Chris maybe next time.


  1. George.

    You have a fine voice for broadcasting. Comes over loud and clear!

    The piece we did was for my 'Meet the Bloggers' special. I reckon that's a few weeks away yet. The Outdoors Show will appear more quickly.

    Good to meet you. Keep on blogging!

  2. Thanks, Andy

    I look forward to the shows, I`ll may FF my bit :-)

  3. I agree with you about Go Lite. I love their products, but they are often hard to find outside their occasional catalogs.