Sunday, 4 March 2007

The Outdoors Channel becomes......

The Outdoors Station

Last year; Bob Cartwright AKA Podcast Bob, started up a new website called 'The Outdoors Channel' this was set to be the new site for the new podcasts he was about to start producing.

These new podcasts started out with; The TGO Shows, The Outdoors Channel Magazine and the TOC Book Club.

All these shows were received well by the listening public. Unfortunately an American site already had the name and although they were not in the same field, they slapped a 'cease and desist' on Bob.

Well; Bob is back with his new website The Outdoors Station. There are several new podcasts under way and there is a rumour; that there will be prizes up for grabs. Infact the lastest podcast is giving listeners the chance to win tickets to the OS Outdoors Show.

The Outdoors Station will not only be audio podcasts but video casts (vidcasts) too, some of the first vidcasts will be on the GregoryPacks, the new Golite packs and Leki Poles, plus the 'famous' Tarp Video (this was a victim of the 'cease & desist').

Another feature of the new site; is to allow bloggers and other interested parties to download the html links to the podcasts and post them on their sites.

So here is the first podcast from The Outdoors Station.

The OS Outdoors Show

MP3 File

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