Friday, 23 March 2007

What is lightweight? part II

The great weight debate rolls on.

Roman, Darren, & John have been posting some interesting thoughts on lightweight Vs traditional weight packs.

It seem that some manufacturers and individuals are questioning the viability of some of the lightweight packs, and suggesting that the only way forward is to continue using the heavier packs.

I`ve been using light packs for 5 years now; starting with a GoLite Gust, so I believe that I have a good understanding of how to use and look after this type of pack.

First off, these packs aren't as fragile as some people make out. A lot of the high impact areas are made with a strong denier pack cloth, the main weight saving comes by using good quality silcone nylon.

Obviously it can get damaged being throw around by baggage handlers but this is true with any pack even the traditional ones.

In the past whenever I stop I would use my pack as a seat; I don't do that with the new lightweight ones but I always carry a foam pad so I now use that as a sit mat.

As I've said before; I don't carry great weights but there have been times when I have overloaded the pack for a short period, yes the pack hasn't been that comfortable but its only when I have carried extra food, beer and bottles of wine to a nearby campsite. The pack has handled it O.K.

One thing manufacturers don't seem to realise is that other pieces of equipment are getting lighter, tents are not 2-3 kgs, Titanium pots & untentils are much more readily available, so heavy duty pack aren't needed.

The lightweight market is a niche market within a niche market, and as far as the big boys are concerned until someone starts to nibble away at their piece of the pie, they are happy to keep the status quo.

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  1. Spot on George. That Dynema stuff is very strong. I've never had any problems with it.