Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Extra Honey

A bit more playing with the Honey stove; although I haven't actually boiled anything on it yet.

When I set up the stove yesterday I placed all the grill pieces in the stove; I now know that the middle grill is for use with a Trangia meths burner, so this grill doesn't need to be inserted in the stove unless using the Trangia burner.

The two meth stoves I have are a Pepsi and a White Box Stove(WBS); so these are the ones I tried in the stove.

White Box Stove
Honey & White Box Stoves

As you can see I only have the top & bottom grills in place and no Fire door either; the WBS seems to be quite away from the top grill a gap of about 40cm. Like I said; I haven't boiled anything yet, so I not sure if this gap is to big and will the flames from the WBS reach a pot on the top grill.  It is possible to move the bottom grill to the middle but then there isn't enough room for the WBS to fit.


Honey & Pepsi Stoves

Moving the bottom grill to the centre mean that the Pepsi stove is much closer to the top grill and should mean that the flames reach the pot better. This stove is designed to be very flexible; so the top grill could of been moved to the middle and still have the same effect but giving a better windshield around the pot.


  1. have another look at Bob's photos for the WBS.
    It does go higher up, you need to use the right grill.

  2. Podcast Bob7:42 am

    Or try putting the WBS on the ground on the ash tray and then using a grill in the middle. There should be enough clearance to allow you to put the pot onto the flame as soon as it is lit. Bob