Sunday, 23 November 2008

Wood Burning

Finally got around to trying the Honey Stove with the wood I collected last week.

The first couple of minutes show that I've never used a wood burning or even started a campfire; I think the main problem was I didn't have enough tinder and also the initial sticks of wood were to small.


  1. Please may I make a few suggestions. Firstly lay some petroleum jelly soaked cotton wool in the base of the stove. Build up a small amount of tinder inside, before you light. About half fill, loosely. Think pyramid shape. A bit of vasaline on the wood will assist the initial light up. Use a match to ignite your cotton wool. Let the wood in the stove get going and then gradually feed in more kindling to get a good blaze going. Prepare everything before you start and then you will have all you need to hand. Tiny bits of kindling for starting are fine. When you are out and about try and collect a few pine cones. If you see any dead pine branches, the clumps of needles make excellent fire starters. A little bag or small stuff sac with a few initial fire starting bits is always handy to have. Hope you do not mind my suggestions. Dawn

  2. Hey Dawn

    Thanks for the suggestions all are greatly received :-)

    Like I said I'm a newbie when it comes to using a wood burner so working with it was a new experience.

  3. Good to see the honesty in the movie, George.

    This may be the most detailed page that I have seen on starting a fire:

    Soot to be dealt with. I'm going to look out a polybag to keep 'dirty' kit in.

  4. I think its best to show the warts and all when doing the reviews; plus we're not all a Ray or Bear and it can be difficult to get these things started.