Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Black hole time warp tunnel

Are some companies in the U.K. surrounded by black hole time tunnels?

It's just that I can order something from one company and have it next day (which always amazes me) or within 48 hours but another company not much further away in the same part of the country can take weeks. I placed an order on the 31st May which was processed on the 1st June but still hasn't arrived; now the big problem is that it COULD of been lost in the post but because they have a get out clause in the old favourite of 'please allow 7-10 WORKING days therer nowt I can do until Monday.

Surely in this day and age; companies are able to deliver within five days. I've had stuff delivered from Australia & the US of A quicker.


  1. Very poor service!
    Time to name and shame them!

  2. I've emailed them tonight, so see what tomorrow bring. If nothing I'll name and shame.