Sunday, 7 June 2009

Not another gear list

I know, I know. Everyone has a gear list on the interweb somewhere, so I may as well post mine.

The list is pretty much what I would take on all the trips I do; I will occasionally swap out the TN solar tent for the Hilleberg Nallo, if the weather is going to be bad or maybe for a Winter trip. The weight wouldn't chance that much as the Solar and Nallo weigh more or less the same.

I think over the next year some of the gear will need to be replaced; as I had noticed that the my pack in starting to show a lot of signs of unrepairable wear.

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  1. Hi George,
    when I follow your link I get the following:-
    Download a File from our Server

    File Name: BPLIST.xls
    File Bandwith Used: 45 KB
    IP Adress:
    File Size: 9 KB
    File Downloadet: 5 times
    Last Download: 2009-06-08 3:06
    File Description My gear list

    197224 Securitycode:

    What is the securitycode? I have tried 0000