Saturday, 13 June 2009

Kite & bike festival

I spent a few hours on Blackheath today at the annual kite & bike festival.

I was hoping there would be some bargains from the kite sellers, but prices didn't seem any better than on the internet; as for the bikes there wasn't to many companies selling or displaying them.

The kite displays were worth watching and also the big inflatable kites were fun.


  1. That's a really beautiful video! Perfect music.

  2. Yep, nice video, though can't say I'm so much into bikes.. Was the public able to roam around and under those big inflatables? Our local kite festival in Adelaide has the 'registered' kite fliers segregated out North of the jetty while everyone else is free to fly on the South side - or watch the action from the jetty itself.

    Awesome kite train near the end of the vid! Don't think I've seen one quite that long. But what about the 'kite displays'? Guess you were so engrossed you forgot to capture some of it hey :-)

    As for getting bargains from the kite-sellers, another option is DIY. You'll find plenty of that on my site if you browse around near the top...

  3. No; you couldn't walk under the big inflatable. The train kites were chinese kites, they did look quite special.

    I did try to capture footage of the displays but had a hard time following thee kites, because of the sun (couldn't see the cameras screen) and they more pretty fast an times :-), so I have a lot of clear skies footage :-)

  4. Nice video,a very relaxing feel about it.