Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Youth Hostelling: The First 100 Years

There is a programme on BBC2 tonight at 11.20pm; called Youth Hostelling: The First 100 Years.

Documentary telling the story of the youth hotel movement, told through a collection of archive films charting the changing attitudes towards young people and the counrtyside.

Might be worth a look.


  1. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Ta! Have set the cunning old recording machine :)

  2. Thanks George

    Just spotted this in time!


  3. saw this!!!! really weird! :)) well, it works i gues.... been all over the net looking for possible sites i can learn off of, so i can finally go on that backpacking trip i have been procrasstinating bout - and whala! i see this! haha... it helps - i gues :-P the other site i saw that was THE MOST HELPFUL was this site: its kind of a melting pot for all travelers - its an online based community of travelers, where they share vids, pics, tips and expereiences about their travels - and it helps to pick up from those! thanks for this post thoough man! really big heads up to me! i just remembered! thanks! check out that baraaza site i told you - its a cool find! ;)

  4. Finally watched it yesterday. I smelt a rat when time was taken up talking about the historian driving to the film stock location, and the type of film, the box, the sticky tape ... ooh, a squirrel ... and finally some footage. I guess the editor must have thought the subject boring, so decided to do all they could to not show the footage they had access to. Hey ho.