Thursday, 1 April 2010

TGO Challenge 1

First off; this is for the people who don't know what the TGO Challenge is.

The TGOC is a self supported walk from the West coast of Scotland to the East coast, it is held every May.

The map shows my first day on the challenge; overall my route is a low level one starting out from Shiel Bridge and going up through Gleann Lichd. The route crosses a couple of rivers/streams before climbing up to Camban bothy from here I drop down to the river Affric. I continue into Glen Affric; passing the youth hostel and then start looking for a camping spot. Athnamulloch looks to be a reasonable place but maybe a bit to far for the first day.


  1. Seems a email from phone can't semd pictures as big as 800k. More testing needed.

  2. It all looks fine to me, George. A lovely first day, passing through a wonderful amphitheatre of rock and waterfalls.

  3. It is a grand first day, and one with options too! There is Camban and a few reasonable pitches short of Alltbeithe Youth hostel, the hostel itself and ample places for a fine wild camp on the way to Athnamulloch. Whatever the conditions you should be off to a flying start :-)

  4. I'll be on your trail down Affric ...

  5. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Good starting point George. Good luck with the walk.

    The food in the Kintail Lodge Hotel bar is generally ok. Stayed there a few times now (mainly 'cause they'll take The Fatdog).

    If you do eat there beware of the fish (lol)