Thursday, 8 April 2010

TGO Challenge 2-3

Day two; sees me setting out from a wild camp somewhere between Alltbeithe YH and Athnamulloch to Cougie. This is a relativity short day but not by intention; I have heard a lot about the little settlement of Cougie and wanted to experience the place, after hearing stories from previous challenges.

The route continues through Glen Affric to join the path along side Loch Affric until I reach the Bridge across Allt Garbh where I turn South then East to find the path into Cougie.

Day Three; looks to be a long day, the route goes from Cougie to Fort Augustus a distance of about 18 miles (eek!!)

From Cougie; it's North/Northeast to Plodda Falls then the track going South to Fort Augustus; this should easy to found as there are Electricity Pylons along the whole length on this track.

The only section I am worried about is the walk from Torgyle Bridge to FA as this is through forest and I'm a bit like
Hansel & Gretel when it comes to forests.

The camp site I was going to use in FA is now closed for the year; so I have managed to find another one and they are also happy for me to have a food parcel sent there.


  1. Hi George.
    You won't be alone on this section - I would imagine quite a few Challengers will be walking this way with you. The forest isn't too bad for route finding - there are no little nasty decisions to be made.

  2. George,

    From Torgoyle Bridge do NOT be tempted the follow the power lines over the hill as I did. Well, you can if you like the going is very hard and steep and with a number of deer fences to cross. Best turn right at the bridge and walk to connect with Wade's Road that goes up over the hill.

    Should you decided to follow the cables you will find yourself joining Wade's track far earlier than it suggests on the map.

    It is then an easy road through the woods. You will get to a big crossroad of tracks and I think you just continue straight on, The track down leaves your track as it bends around to the right and begins to descend. Your track heads off leftish on a slight corner.

    You'll be fine.

    FA is a nice little place.