Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Edzell Conundrum

I admit I can be slow on the up take sometimes.

I can miss things that to most are obvious.

I think my map reading skills are fairly good; yes I do get misplaced at times, who doesn't?

If I do go astray its mainly because I'm chatting or not concentrating on where I'm going.

I'll also admit I can be a lazy so & so at times, so walking an extra couple of km's when not really necessary, especially near the end of a day for me isn't fun.

So when planning my TGO route; I thought it strange that people would walk into Edzell only to have to walk out again to cross the river; yes I know there is a cafe but to me that's extra km's.

But I've just found Edzell's little secret.

Now people in the know will say 'yes; we know, didn't you look at the map?'

Yes; I did look at the map, now maybe on a 1:25 its as clear as a bell but on a 1:50 it isn't, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :-)

So am I the only one to be dimwitted about this and miss it? Or have others similarly missed Edzell's little secret?

Sent by Hansel in a wood somewhere


  1. It's not immediately obvious, is it George? But a careful squint at the map usually does it... The army built it. It is a sturdy construction. Needs to be, with all the carry-outs stowed in your pack for the night at the campsite further down the road...

  2. "A sturdy construction". Well, it's still there, but it ain't called the Shakkin' Brig for nothing!

  3. After our (only) visit to Tarfside, in 2008, Sue and I went over Hill of Wirren (recommended) but missed Edzell because I didn't spot that there was a bridge there. We too thought it must be a b****y good tea shop for folk to make such a huge diversion. I'll know better this year!