Monday, 3 May 2010

TGO Challenge 6 to the End

This started out with the idea of previewing the days of my TGO Challenge but lack of time on my part; means I'm going to post the remaining days as one post.

Day Six; sees me going to a place I've wanted to visit for a while, Ruthen Barracks. Then head East to get into Glen Feshie and another wild camp somewhere in the upper part of the Glen.

Day Seven; continues in Glen Feshie, and along the Geldie Burn, the last time I was here I had to crossing the Geldie but this time, I'm on the right side.

Continuing East I'll be aiming for White Bridge and possibly another wild camp before Braemar.

Day eight should be the shortest of the whole trip, with a short hop into Braemar; for a day's rest the following day.

Day nine looks to be a long and interesting day. Long as it looks to be about 30km and interesting because the bothy I am hoping to be staying at that night has a reputation, as not being that easy to find.

Day ten is over Murkle Cairn into Glen Lee, Loch Lee and on to Tarfside.

Day eleven will be spent walking along the River North Esk into Edzell first of all; and as I now know it's little secret, it shouldn't be to long getting to the campsite at North Water Bridge.

The final day follows the lanes and roads into St Cyrus and then a bus to finish control at Montrose.


  1. That bothy is a indeed a bit of a challenge to find in the mist. Take lots wood with you from the ranger station as there is nothing normally at the bothy for a fire. I found it with a mate in the mist with a bit of compass work and it should not posse too much of a problem. You should do Lochnagar. Nice views and all.

  2. Hi George. That's a lovely first time route you have planned there. You will be passing through some wonderful landscapes with awesome skies and rushing burns. A man of your calibre will have no problem finding the Shielin! Clue - Just follow the footprints in the peat (only the ones that know where they are going , mind you...)


    Tip to finding Shielin!

    On final day I'd walk a little further down the last road and climb over the Hill of Murphie (through track in farm) — less road!

  4. Linn of Dee carpark has at least one working toilet cubicle.