Saturday, 29 May 2010

*@^! It!

I`m back home after finishing at St Cyrus at 11.00 am on Wednesday.

At present I am trying to get my phone sorted out as between Virgin and Orange they have really ballsed it up.

The computer is chugging away processing the 600 or so video clips I have taken.

One little mistake (apart from the phone) was I forget to put a SD card in my still camera and carried it across Scotland unable to take any pictures with it! DOH!!! Luckily the video camera can take stills as well; so I got some pictures.

I not sure how I'm going to proceed with blogging about the trip, as I have some mixed feelings about it. I'll take the rest of the weekend to decide what to do.

While that is ongoing here is a clip from day three.


  1. I didn't realise you had Ray Winston along with you ;)

    Well done on finishing the Challenge, George.

  2. Nice vid George!

    It would be good to hear how it all went.

  3. Well done, it would seem you have mixed feelings about the whole thing? My personal view is that for those who enjoy the whole thing, then fine, I wish them well; however, I did it once, more as favour to help someone out due to the fact that I am familiar with many areas of Scotland. To be honest though I do not think I would do it again, I prefer solo travel and know I am capable in the hills summer and winter; mind, I may be considered a cranky old cumudgeon???

  4. Well done on completeing the Challenge. I read John Hee's post about the Challenge and your comments with interest. It's obviously an event that has a strong following and who can criticise those who love it. Not me, for sure.

    I've climbed and walked in Scotland for longer than I care to think about so have no need of the structure of an organised event like the Challenge if I want to cross Scotland coast to coast. But of course, many who do the Challenge don't need that either but choose it for a host of other reasons. I like solitude and complete flexibility when in the hills. I walk with my wife, (often in 'companionable silence') and so I doubt I'll ever do the Challenge, athough I've threatened to do so often enough!

    I have always found those Challengers who blog (Alan Sloman, Martin Banfield and Peewiglet, for example) to be courteous and very friendly to non-Challengers and I feel sure that they would be appalled at the comment made to you by other Challengers before you set off. Certainly not in the tradition of the fine event that it is.

    Anyway, sorry for the longish comment. I'll start following your blog and hope to read about your future trips.

  5. Sorry. I notice now that the comment I refer to was made after you reached Montrose. Still not a very pleasant thing to say though.

  6. Like most events where there is a large gathering; you get all sorts some good some bad.