Sunday, 16 May 2010

TGO Day 2 Tales from the riverbank

We had rain again during the night also strong winds. I was away by 8.30 once I could pack between showers. Again the track was good but this time I was on my own, I reached the Cougie turn off about 10.30 and followed the map, which ment crossing a stream; the terrocs at great for this, wet feet yes but they do dry quickly.

At this point things started to a bit wrong; I was struggling to find the second path East. After an hour of faffing about I decided to go back to the start and take the longer but easier track around.

As I was backtracking I bumped into two challengers and explained my problem; This seems I didn't need to cross the stream as the path stays to one side, bloody OS maps.

Anyway we made it Cougie by 2.15 and had lunch there.

I explained to the owners I wouldn't be staying and they were fine with it.

I carried on into Sunday's route and started climbing up the pass to Fort Augustus. For all thee snow they have had up here the pass is pretty dry, I was finding it hard to find any decent water.

I finally bumped into kate & Tim Wood camped next to a stream; so I've set up camp too GR292207.

It's now 20.15 15 May


  1. Glad things are going well.

  2. Well done on getting that far, George. Backtracking can be a hard choice.
    Happy trails.

  3. Like AktoMan says, backtracking is a pain but sometimes there is no choice!

  4. Take time to enjoy it too. One your own it is so easy to keep pushing on and then missing the social side until it is too late. All 'backtracking' is, is experience!

  5. News from Mr George last night was that his phone has died and will not recharge. But he's on track to reach Braemar.