Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ready, Set....

After the panic from earlier in the week; everything is now packed and waiting for tomorrow.

Pack weight is around 11.5kg

I'm going to try and blog while on the trip but this is dependent on a phone signal, and so far tonight I haven't been able to send any updates, as Orange are having problems with their network.

As the posts will be via email they may end up being out of order, but hopefully they will make some kind of sense.

I will also be making use of Twitter; this will just be short updates but maybe easier than full posts every day.

So if anyone is interested in following along that way; just click the Twitter icon on the right and sign up.

So that's it for now; hopefully the next post will be from Scotland.


  1. 11.5kg with four days of rations and clothing to deal with the May weather they're now getting up there is a tidy weight! Break a leg.

  2. Let me know later if there's anything you need me to get for you to bring through to braemar.

  3. Stay safe, have a good trip and enjoy