Sunday, 16 May 2010

TGO Day 1 I feel fine

Fairly good day's walking although it was a day of sunshine and showers so waterproofs on and off.

The walk up Glen lichd saw nice but the climb up to Fionngleann was a killer even though I know it was there.

Most of the day was spent leapfrogging two or three groups.

Camban bothy was a welcome sight as by then I was feeling quite tired but after a good rest and food I felt better.

Again following the crowd to Alltbeithe YH. From here I had to path to myself as most were staying at the YH.

I pushed on to Athnamulloch as the vetter told me that there were some flat pitches here; that's not strickly true as there is a lot of tussocks about but have found a pitch and am just waiting for dinner to cook.

The sun is now shining again and things look pretty good; only probrlem is tomorrow, I can't decide to go to Cougie as planned or push on into Sunday route and make the walk into Fort Augustus easier.

The walking today was better than expected.

It now 19:32 14 May; I'll post as soon as there is network.

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