Wednesday, 21 April 2010

TGO Challenge 5 Roads

Today's route will be on a lot of roads. I think it's about 9km or so of road into Laggan, but it does look to be B roads. At Laggan I have a choice to make; either stay on the North side of the river or cross to the South. If I stay North; I can pick up a path going North which will bring me into Newtonmore and then the cycle path into Kingussie. Going across the river means more road walking but I have heard of a wild camp East of the A9 and this is easier to reach going this way. I guess I'll make the decision on the day depending on how I feel at Laggan.

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  1. Coming into Laggan you can take the old Wade Road — which is now in effect a footpath and gives you a short cut to the pub.

    I wouldn't advise taking the cycle track through Newtonmore and on to Kingussie. I did this on Challegene 1 and hated every minute of it!

    A better walk is to stroll to Glen Truim by B Roads, cross main road and take tracks to and from Phones. There's a little road walking near the end and you enter Kingussie the way you leave the next day which seems a bit odd. A little longer in time but a much nicer route.

  2. Thanks Andy

    I'll probably go via phones as there is a wild camp I won't mind trying :-)