Saturday, 3 February 2007

Backpackers Club

As you may or may not know; I`m a member of the Backpackers Club, infact I`m the liaison member for South London.

Although I don't put on any weekends, I do try to support the club as much as possible.

Below is an email I received from the Northumbria group, most of the interest is about the upcoming AGM in April.

Northumbria group Club liaison: Bryan Crick and Ross Mellows

website & e-mail address for Bellingham agm weekend


Northumbria group monthly meetings are every 1st Tuesday from 19.45hrs.

Next meeting February 6, 2007 held at The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne
grid ref: NZ 250 638

Five minutes directly east (to the right) when leaving the mainline railway station and Metro station at Newcastle Central.

Please note: access from the south is barred to vehicular & pedestrian traffic on the High Level Bridge till around 2008.


At our meetings the usual topics of conversation are about backpacking, the weather, and who's just been to America.

Plus: The Bellingham agm weekend. Update report and discussion. Your questions are invited.
What would you like added into the programme for the Bellingham weekend? Your sugeestion to put up for discussion, please.

"PASSIONATE ABOUT BACKPACKING". Having gained the backing of the regional development agency One North East, who have come up with the slogan "Passionate about backpacking" we'll be discussing how the Northumbria group and the Club at large use this accolade and support to develop wider awareness of backpacking and help the Club in a membership drive?
We hope all members will take advantage of the involvment and services delivered by the Regional Development Agency - see the notes & website address below.

LOCAL BACKPACKING ACTIVITY. It's already known that one group of members will be backpacking the Hadrian's Wall Trail, anyone looking for help or advice may call on us and we'll do everything to help.
We'll also be pleased to put Club members' questions to the information officers and appropriate management at the One North East headquarters.
write to: or contact Bryan or Ross.

For the Bellingham weekend, anyone walking-in, or planning to stop-over after Sunday, we'll try to give help and information - please ask.
Please register you starting out point and we may be able to organise a cheery welcome.
For getting back home, if you need local transport information, then we'll help you.

THE BIG WALK. One member, actually walking-through, is Alan Sloman, reaching Bellingham on the Tuesday before the agm and heading for a TGOC loop and then John O'Groats. Catch up with his Blog, which is a right good read.

READING MATTER. For local routes - a book to check: The Roman Ring, looping to the south of the Wall from Lanercost Priory to Halton Chesters, with the mid-section of the Hadrian's Wall Path, produces a long walk equal in length to the full National Trail - for most walkers this will be the dream ticket to savour in a seven-day trip.
The Roman Ring by Mark Richards is published by Shepherd's Walks. price £9.99 ISBN 0-955262-40-2
online: or phone 01830 540453


contact point: Peter Lumley desk is 0191 488 6718

NOTES about ONE NORTH EAST and the countryside
Visitors to the area will find two guides developed by the North East's Regional Development Agency, One North East, helps them tune in to the attractions on the ground or open to public viewing. There's a walking guide and a cycling guide.The cycling guide, is published by One North East in partnership with sustainable transport charity, Sustrans together with the assistance of regional partners including Forestry Commission England.
For a copy of the cycling guide call 08701 601 778 .
For a copy of the walking guide call 0870 225 0129
or visit

Regional Image Strategy (RIS) This is raising the profile of the region nationally and internationally, increasing awareness and understanding of North East England as a great place to live, work, study and visit. The highly successful Passionate People, Passionate Places marketing campaign was recognised as the World's Best Regional Marketing Campaign at the World Travel awards in 2005. Perceptions of the region are being rapidly transformed as a result.

Join with us . . we're Passionate people . . .

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  1. thanks George - I knew of the AGM but not the details attached for the meet