Thursday, 15 February 2007

Bad News, Good News

Bad News One

It seems as though mobile blogger is not working as well as I thought.

Sent four posts today; two actual blogs and two tests and only one of the tests arrived.

Bad News Two

I`m having trouble getting a cheap train fare to get up to Ilkley for the start of the Dales Way and it also seems as I can't get a cheap ride back from Windermere.

I suppose I can always go by coach

The Good News

My Scooter is fixed and back on the road. YAY!!!! This means not having to stand at the bus stop with hundreds of school kids and I get an extra hour in bed :)


  1. George, you might (stress 'might') get the mobile blogs through later as they work their way through the system. Some of mine on the WHW took 2-3 hours to get through, even though they left my mobile.

  2. Seems that some are getting through and others aren't.

    Hopefully its just a glich.