Sunday, 18 February 2007

London Loop II

After having a fairly stressful week; I decided that I needed to get out for a walk.

I decided to start out on the London Loop again, I did the first section back in April, last year.

This second section is from Bexley to Petts Wood and is about 7.5 miles (I say about because going through Scadbury Park I got lost and must of added a couple of miles :)).

As usual the walk takes in some really nice scenery and some not. The main points of interest are: Foots Cray Meadows, Five Arch Bridge, Cray Wanderers Football Ground, Sidcup Place Park, Scadbury Park, Petts Wood.

Just outside Bexley

The first part of this walk is nice and pleasant, along the river Cray and into Sidcup. There are two nice Churches on route

Five Arch Bridge

St James North Cray

All Saints Sidcup

After Sidcup the route goes through a housing estate and then down to the A20 which needs to be crossed by subways. The route then goes into Scadbury Park which has hundreds of paths and is quite easy to get lost in. Once through Scadbury its across the A208 and into Petts Wood; from here it is straight forward to Petts Wood Railway Station.

Some more pictures


  1. Dear Lord!

    How do you keep sane, George? Some of those piccies look like industrial squalor!

    Is the air fresh down there? Whenever I have to go to the smoke, my shirt collars are black! Why not take a train to the south downs, where at least the air is coming from the Atlantic! Housing estates and subways!

    I know it's nice to stretch your legs, but in London???

    (Speaking as a country boy here, from the flatlands!)

  2. Hi Alan

    There are some nice bit (honest) on the loop. The 2 miles along the River Cray was very good, its just when you have to come back to the urban areas.

    I've walked most of the South Downs
    and its not a easy to get to as th London Loop :)

  3. Love that pic of 'St James North Cray'

  4. Thanks John

    Playing around with infrared and an old nikon digicam.