Monday, 19 February 2007


I guess that most of us take some form of camera walking with us; be it film or digital.

I have taken a digital with me for the last few years but it wasn't until my kids were playing about with the video mode that I thought about videoing walking trips. Although the camera is a 5mp camera the video is only able to do 320x240.

Obvious a normal video camera would be to big, even the little DV one's; so I looked around and found one of these.

It's a hybird camera; which means it takes stills, video, is a mp3 player and voice recorder amongst other things. At its highest still camera setting it is 5mp and records video at 640x480 and weighs 125g including battery and SD card.

Unfortunately; apart from videoing the kids I hadn't had a chance to use it on a walk until this past weekend. I used it to record this section of the London Loop.

London Loop Part One

London Loop Part Two

I was thinking about taking the camera on the Dales way trip but now I`m not to sure; as the amount of editing and processing for 12 minutes of video was quite time comsuming, I`m not sure how much time would be needed for a whole weeks worth.


  1. George,

    I probably wouldn't take the unit with me because:

    1. How many times would it REALLY be worthwhile to film something instead of taking a photo?

    2. I think with the current digital cameras on the market you can produce reasonably well quality movies. At least good enough for publishing on a blogsite. For example please check my new blog under:
    in the Media-Videos category.
    The movie has been shot with the movie function of a Casio EX-Z750 digital camera.

    3. The battery has 700mAH capacity only. How long will that last for taking pictures, movies, hearing MP3s? Would you need to recharge during the trip? Maybe carry extra batteries and weight with you?

    4. As you mentioned editing the movies would cost a lot of time. Are you willing to invest that?

    Even so I personally wouldn't consider taking the unit with me it is interesting to see what is happening in that space. If you check Podcast Bob's recent talk with Ryan Jordan he mentions there that soon a tiny AA-powered movie camera will hit the market to be tested at their site.
    Maybe another "must have" gadget...:-)

    I really like reading your interesting blog,

  2. Hi Roman

    You're probably right, its I just love my gadgets :-)

    Thanks for the comment on the blog.

    I`ll add you to the growing blog list :-).

  3. Thats the problem with most of the recent digital formats - they do insist on a proprietary battery unit and reasonable access to a power source to recharge. I've managed to stick with the AA or AAA duracell approach so I can change power out in the field.
    But your right, the editing time is a pain unless you're really into the media.

  4. I alway try to have unit that take AA or AAA but it seems as those most makers are now use li-ion batteries.

    There is this on the market
    which may help.