Monday, 13 October 2008

Being Naughty

I'm being naughty; as I'm still looking at routes for the TGO challenge and the latest news is that there are over 420 entries which will mean that there will have to be a draw for places, so I may not get in.

One of the areas I'm looking at are wild camping sites; now while its possible to legally wild camp in most areas of Scotland, it is nice to have a rough idea of where to camp. I have been looking at the maps and this gives a reasonable idea of what the terrain looks like but not what is actually like in really life.

I've just found a site (well not really found; as I had posted photographs to it before but had complete forgotten about it) that helps turn the maps into real life.

The site is The Geograph British Isles project which 'aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain & Ireland' which means a photograph of ever km square on the OS maps.

So if I want to see what a particular area looks like and if there is a chance of a wild pitch there; I can input the Grid Ref and a get a photograph of the area.

NO6484 is in and around the Bridge of Dye and this gives a good picture of what I would find around there (looks a good spot to camp) and of course if I want to see what is around Charr bothy I can.

I'm not to sure how the challenge purists will see this but for me it's an aid as much as the maps are.


  1. Not naughty at all. The bothy area looks better than the ruin.
    Camping high gives better protection from tics, I suspect (and has other advantages), and in reality finding spots to camp shouldn't really be a problem.
    It's obviously handy to choose spots close to good water. If you are uncertain about your choices, I'm sure there are a number of your fellow bloggers (I am one) who would be delighted to comment - but you should plan your own route (great fun) then ask for constructive comments (which you will get anyway from your vetter).
    Have fun.

  2. Cheers for the advice.