Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Scottish Hill Tracks

I said; I wouldn't start looking at a route for the TGO Challenge, until I knew that I had made the cut but after recently buying the Scottish Hill Tracks book, I've been unable to resist.

I have always know where I would like to finish, so it means I only need to decide the start and middle parts.

There are a few places to start from with but I think I have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 that would suit me.

I like to have some interesting things or places to see when I'm off walking and although I know Scotland on its own will provide a lot of this, having a interesting start point will help.

I don't know why but my mind keeps telling me of places I should go to or pass through. One of these for some reason is Fort Augustus; which means an easy decision on where to go from there.

There are still big gaps but hopefully I'll know I've made the cut before completing the whole route.


  1. George- would you recommend the book as one of the 'essentials' for easier TGO planning, or have you other recommendations?

  2. It is a great book George. I got mine back not long back. Here is a thought. Don't use it. Look at the maps and see where you wish to go and work out the route. Then go back to the book and see if it has any useful stuff. Every one uses that book, so it can get busy on the Challenge on some routes. Don't forget a summit or two if the weather is good. Talk to old hands like Alan Sloman and you'll be fine. Final thought...I used Hill Tracks to plan my 06 walk a lot. Did not like the route in the end.