Monday, 6 October 2008


With the weather being so poor yesterday here in London; I had nothing better to do than surf the 'net.

One site I found was the site for the up and coming Kendal Mountain Festival, and while looking at it, I noticed that they have an online competition for amateur films.

For some reason which I don't understand but all these film competitions only want films that are a minute long which means a lot of editing to get something half decent to show ( 3 minutes really should be the minimum).

Now; you all know my interest in making my little documentary hiking films, so I couldn't let this chance go by.

So after a couple of hours editing the trip from Scotland last May, I finally managed to make something to upload.

The films I have added are the original 'Dales Way in 60 seconds' and a new one entitled 'Through the Lairig Ghru'.

Now for the cheeky bit; if anyone would like to go and watch them and then vote, I would appreciate it very much. Unfortunately you do have to sign up to site to vote.

Kendal Mountain Festival

Also the site really compresses the hell out of the video's so they don't look that great.


  1. go for the lego movie

  2. Watched the film and liked it. Will need to register to vote. I'll do that. Q. what was the video cam you used ?

  3. Yeah, we want some Lego movies!!

  4. @ John & Phil - no time for lego at the moment but with the longer nights coming I should have some time for something :-)

    @Martin - The camera is a little MPEG-4 vidcam, it records to SD cards with a 640X480 resolution.

    This is the one I use