Thursday, 9 October 2008

My Brain Hurts!!!!

Yesterday my pro account on Flickr expired; so I thought O.K. time to sign up for another year, on the site Flickr were offering the chance to sign up for two years instead of the standard one.

This looked a better deal; so I went with this, only I couldn't get the payment to go through, after a couple of attempts I gave up.

Today my credit card company rang up about strange activity on my card, it turned out this was the payments I was trying to make yesterday.

Tonight I've tried again but again I couldn't get a two year subscription, so I went with a one year instead.

Now here's the brain burner; I've just had three emails telling me I have made three payments to Flickr, two for the two year subscription and one for the one year subscription.

I've always said that ordering and buying online was never a problem; tonight I'm not so sure.

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