Saturday, 4 October 2008

Railway Walks

The BBC have started a new series with Julia Bradbury called Railway Walks.

The first episode was actually shown on 2 October; there didn't seem to be to many trailers advertising this.

It can be seen again on 7 October on BBC Four or available on the iPlayer for the next six days.

The first episode follows the Monsal trail in Derbyshire. Having walk this route on a couple of occasions; I must say that the T.V made it look a lot more interesting than it actually is, that's not to say it is bad but it is after all a disused railway track and we all know how straight and boring they can be at times.

Next week; is the Mawddach estuary in North Wales.


  1. lots of old tracks in Norfolk. Oddly enough I was planning to write about one of them soon. I will catch that programme.

  2. We've walked it quite a few times as part of a longer route, and it does fare considerably better than the other two railway routes in that area (High Peak trail and Tissington Trail).
    Those two seem to go on forever on the flat, great for cycling and running but poor for walking. The Monsal is split up a bit with more variation.